Property management in Oakville

There are several laws relating to property management in Toronto, Hamilton and Oakville. Most of these laws are in the form of by-laws. As a property manager in Toronto, you will be concerned over a variety of things including the on-going status of the property, repair and maintenance, occupancy rates, payment of rents, supplies and contracting projects, and working with lawyers and legal entities when needful.

You will also need to link to accountants and the local government to deal with a few issues. Most property owners involved in Hamilton investment properties give a qualified person to manage their property especially when many blocks or estates are concerned.

As a by-law affecting Oakville property management, you should have a heating facility that can maintain the temperature of a property at 22 degrees Celsius. The local government also requires property owners and those involved in property management to keep neat and tidy their compounds. You should ensure that it is free of garbage accumulation and that the grass does not overgrow and become unsightly. You must also ensure that the grass and weeds do not exceed 20.33 centimeters (8 inches) in height. The case applies whether you are managing owned or rented dwellings.

Many Hamilton investment properties are surrounded by a fence. So you might want to ask if there are regulations relating to building of fences. Any property management must comply with the Fence By-law 2002-034 when building fences in Oakville. The by-laws of Oakville state that all residents are entitled to a peaceful lifestyle. Because there are restrictions as to how much noise you can make in Oakville, property managers in Toronto or other areas must be aware when the residence is to host an event or activity. Knowing the schedule will help them request for a noise exemption permit from the Clerk’s department.

The permit should be applied for 30 days before the event takes place. Without the permit, you might get into problems if loud stereo or musical equipment is being played constantly in the compound. Other residents can report or complain to the Enforcement Services via a call or email and they are allowed to mention the residence with noise (address). Those applying for a noise exemption must notify residential properties within 120 meters of the event location. You must attach a copy of resident notice containing a list of addresses where the notice was sent. You can also use Google Maps to identify properties that are within 120 meters of your event: the map has a measuring tool. If you are asking which level of noise to be not concerned about a permit, stereo music noise that can be heard clearly from a neighborhood is not permitted from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. (9 a.m. on Sundays). During other times, anything above 45 decibels as measured inside your home violates the law.

Other rules relate to doing renovations. Your renovation contractor can put up only a single sign with a maximum size of 0.37 square meters (4 feet 2 inches). The sign must be displayed when work is happening and for a total of 14 consecutive days. If you, as an Oakville property management firm, want to put up a business sign, there are laws you must adhere to whether desiring to install a portable (mobile) sign or a permanent (fixed) sign. If you are doing renovations or construction, construction noise is only permitted Monday to Saturday from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. but not on Sundays and statutory holidays.